Saturday, September 13, 2008

IQBAL ATHAS - Self Appointed 'Defence Analyst'

Iqbal Athas has published yet another so called 'defence article' on the Sunday Times. The discredited journalist, who in 2007 couldn't tell the difference between propeller driven plane and a jet (turbine) plane has yet again proven his ignorance in defence matters.

Athas and his articles are usually filled with political mudslinging, rumour and unverified facts rather than quantifiable 'defence analysis'.

In his latest mumblings, Athas has referred to the Vavuniya Airforce base radar as "Indira II". Athas has referenced the radar as "Indira II" at least 5 times in the article. The actual name of the radar system built and designed in India is "Indra II" and NOT "Indira II". The writer even concludes that the radar is named after Indira Gandhi, which is a pure fabrication and a figment of his imagination. The "Indra" stand for "Indian Radar". Readers are left to wonder how much of this 'defence expert's' work are pure fabrications.

Athas and his fictional reporting has been exposed multiple times and readers can be sure that he will continue to entertain us with his 'expert analysis'! Thank goodness for free media!

  • "Four Indira II radars (named after late Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi) were gifted to Sri Lanka. "
  • "Another Indira II to replace the radar that was damaged was hurriedly moved by the Air Force on the same day from their main base at Katunayake. "