Saturday, September 13, 2008

IQBAL ATHAS - Self Appointed 'Defence Analyst'

Iqbal Athas has published yet another so called 'defence article' on the Sunday Times. The discredited journalist, who in 2007 couldn't tell the difference between propeller driven plane and a jet (turbine) plane has yet again proven his ignorance in defence matters.

Athas and his articles are usually filled with political mudslinging, rumour and unverified facts rather than quantifiable 'defence analysis'.

In his latest mumblings, Athas has referred to the Vavuniya Airforce base radar as "Indira II". Athas has referenced the radar as "Indira II" at least 5 times in the article. The actual name of the radar system built and designed in India is "Indra II" and NOT "Indira II". The writer even concludes that the radar is named after Indira Gandhi, which is a pure fabrication and a figment of his imagination. The "Indra" stand for "Indian Radar". Readers are left to wonder how much of this 'defence expert's' work are pure fabrications.

Athas and his fictional reporting has been exposed multiple times and readers can be sure that he will continue to entertain us with his 'expert analysis'! Thank goodness for free media!

  • "Four Indira II radars (named after late Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi) were gifted to Sri Lanka. "
  • "Another Indira II to replace the radar that was damaged was hurriedly moved by the Air Force on the same day from their main base at Katunayake. "


Skywalker said...

In wikipedia it says;

INDRA = Indian Doppler Radar

Ohh god Athas, what a looser he is..!!!

GroundZeroLanka said...

Skywalker -

Yes, its called
INDIAN DOPPLER RADAR OR INDIAN RADAR....but not Indira Gandhi Radar as our highly qualified 'defence analyst' states....

Sam Perera said...

Ok, after a week Athas stands corrected as shown below.

In my account last week on the guerrilla ground, artillery and air attack on the Security Forces Headquarters - Wanni (SFHQ -W) I had erred. I said that the Indian built Indra II radar was named after the late Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. This is wrong. The name Indra is an acronym for Indian Doppler Radar manufactured by Bharat Electronics Ltd. in Bangalore. Besides the Sri Lanka Air Force, the Indian Air Force and the Indian Army use these radars

However, he conveniently forgets to mention that he cooked the "Indira Gandhi" story like many of his other cooking. Even today, the sky is falling for Athas and he implies that "even though SL forces went this far, I strongly believe that LTTE will turn the tide. Tigers are amassing billions of troops in Vanni now."

Obviously, nobody needs this Einstein’s imagination to figure that the toughest battles are to be fought. Other that cluttering what we already knew, Athas the Einstein has failed to present anything useful other than the moving world’s largest kitchen that qualified LTTE to be having a parallel administration in Vanni. It will be much better if Athas moves his column to the comedy section.


The Atthas fellow has admitted that he has made a mistake with regard to the radar.
Well.. how many mistakes has he made? I remember for once he did a comprehensive report on the Anuradhapura attack. But later it was reveled all were bull shit and it was proven with pictures.
Battle for Kilinochchi reaches crucial phase

TropicalStorm said...

It appears that the Sunday Times has now started doing a 'sanity audit' on Athas' writings before publication due to the negative feed back from the public on a regular basis. The sudden change in the writing style could be due to this.

Sri Lankan said...

Does this blog ever get updated?

Sri Lankan said...

Look what the traitors are upto now