Saturday, July 26, 2008

News Brief: Charles Anthony Brigade Crippled...

Consolidated reports from the battlefront now indicate that 80-100 Charles Anthony Brigade tigers were eliminated in hand-to-hand combat by the 57Division and the Commando units of the SLA in the past 72 hours. Most of the fighting was centered around the Vanikulam tank bund.

Charles Anthony has lost its deputy commander along with at least half a dozen so called junior 'officers' or leaders. This is a crippling blow to the enemy and its ability to fight. Without proper junior level leadership, no army can survive in the battlefield. Even the greatest strategist require 'implementers' to action their battle plans. Without capable junior leaders, the lower ranks will not be able to effectively coordinate attacks against a well armed and determined force such as the SLA.

As GroundZeroLanka reported earlier this week, the LTTE resistance has picked up. The SLA can expect further resistance on the Mallavi front, as the fall of this town will put Mankulam under direct threat. The lost of Mankulam would effectively sever a major artery for the tigers - the A9. The LTTE is in need of a major victory. This would stall the current SLA military momentum and buy the tigers some much needed breathing space.


mboi said...

you shouldn't say hand to hand combat. that means they were fighting with melee weapons or really 'hand to hand'.

mboi said...

and i think it's 'vavunikulam' tank