Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NEWS BRIEF: SLA Consolidates New Acquisitions

58 and 57 Division troops were busy consolidating the newly captured areas. Troops of 58D are currently 3KM north of Illuppakadavai and have surrounded Mundampiddi. Mundampiddi is a small coastal village south of Vellankulam - the next major milestone on the A32. Large groups of troops were inducted by air to beef up 58 Division held sector.

Fresh troops air lifted to battlefield....

Over the last few days troops were busy clearing trappings, building defences and consolidating the areas in expectation of a Tiger counter-attack. As we reported last week, it is unlikely that the Tigers will permit the 57D to take Mallavi and Tunukkai without offering a limited counter-offensive. Currently the western flank of the 57D is exposed as 58D has not progress up to the same lateral point as the 57D.

The SLA is fully cognisant of the fact that the Tigers will launch a counter-offensive within the next few weeks, possibly after the SAARC summit.


The Sri Lanka Air Force will be adding to its fighter fleet with the Mig-29SM Fulcram. The MiG-29SM is the further upgraded version of MiG-29SE aircraft with improved combat capabilities in the air-to-surface operating mode. It is equipped with precision guided weapons, air-to-surface missiles and TV-guided bombs, and the upgraded weapon control system that significantly improves the efficiency and makes the aircraft a true multirole fighter. This vehicle can track up to 10 targets at a time, including moving vehicles. Once introduced to the SLAF, this will exponentially increase its attack capability. The MiG-29SM's primary role will be to thwart any attempts by the Tiger Airwing. The new acquisition will be able to track, target and destroy low-flying and low-speed enemy planes.

Five new MiG-29SM are on order, with 3 being delivered in November and the remainder in December of this year.

New SLAF Multi-Role Fighter Documentary Video

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How soon would our boys be ready to fly the new mig 29s. I mean they will have to undergo sepecialised training for the new machines in particular wont they?