Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weli-Oya Front Operations Heat Up

Troops of the 59 Division are now fully on the offensive north of Janakapura. The recent capture of 'Michael' base, which acted as a logistics and forward operations centre would hasten the collapse of the 1-4 base complex in the Mullativu theatre of operations. 1-4 base complex is a vast network of terror bases (initially numbering 14 but now have expanded up to 20 bases).

The existence of mines and IED, make the progress very slow, however the tigers are unable to use 'force multiplier' weapons such as artillery and MBRL's on this front due to the heavy canopy. The fighting has been hand-to-hand and close quarter. We expect further progress on this front within the next few weeks. The military target is to secure Kalumunai and Alampil, which are less than 7KM from Mullativu town. The capture of Kalumunai and Alampil will secure vast tracts of coastline and will destabilize Mullativu town and environment due to special small group operations.


Sam Perera said...

If our intentions are to liberate Alampil area in coming few weeks, hopefully we can redeploy 58 division to support 59. That is only if we can liberate Vedithalthiv before Alampil.

God bless our forces!

GroundZeroLanka said...

Sam - its unlikely that we can redeploy 58 from 'wast of A9' to the 'east of A9'. Further 58 will be required to continue along the A32 to ensure that the western coast is secured. However, TaskForceII has the capability to assist the operations in the weli-oya sector. TFII needs to put pressure on the LTTE FDL along the A9...and start threatening their Flank in weli-oya.